Secure in Christ

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand John 10:28

“He summarized how He would bless His sheep: they would know him personally, have the gift of eternal life, would never perish, and would be secure in His care.” Marvin Williams

Four ways Marvin Williams suggests Jesus would bless His sheep.

  1. They would know Him personally: This is an incredible blessing. To know God is an idea many of us grew up in. We take it for granted. This would have been mind-blowing to the average person back 2000 years ago. But we take it for granted. You have access to the holy of holies, before the God who created the universe. You don’t have to offer anything to get in there. The price has been paid for you to enter. The blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ, who died so you might be accepted before God.
  2. they would have eternal life: Our greatest enemy, death has been defeated. Death is dead! We now no longer have to fear death. We will live forever in light of what Jesus has done for us only if we give our lives to him and submit to him as our Lord and Savior! We can live with him forever.
  3. They would never perish: Not only do we have life, but we would never perish. We will never die. We will never be separated from the one who gave us hope, light and love. We only can grow closer and closer to him as long as we continue to trust Him, serve him and love Him back!
  4. We would be secure in His care: Troubles may come. Hard days may haunt some of our days, but nothing, and I mean nothing, can rip us out of his hands when we find our security in him!

We can trust in the one who gives us eternal life. Christ has given us so much through his sacrifice on the cross for us! We can trust him on that fateful day. We can trust Him forever.

Prayer for the day: Jesus, When I let go of You because of my sin, You never let go of me because of your grace.

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