Get Rid of Your Anger. It Only Destroys.

Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Ephesians 4:26

“Working for reconciliation should be the goal of everyone in the church… True, some conflict is inevitable. Yet we must do our part to work for peaceful resolutions… To grow together, the apostle advised, ‘Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs’ (V.29).” Patricia Raybon

In your life you’ll experience pain. Sometimes, we as Jesus followers struggle with this concept. We know that the world is broken and we are broken people engage daily with other broken people. All this brokenness will inevitably lead to pain. Whether it is because we cause it or someone caused it to us, whether intentionally or unintentionally, pain is a part of our world. We mourn over it. We grieve over it. We fight against it. We do our best to not cause it. Yet in the end, in your life you’ll experience pain.

However, the great question is what will you do when faced with that pain? Will you let it consume you? Will you let it dominate you? Will you allow it to control your actions and behaviours or will you overcome the pain in your life allowing God’s grace to transform you from the inside out.

There’s a very common illustration where the presenter will take a filled cup and ask their audience what happens when you bump into the cup. The audience responses by saying the cup will spill. A simple truth that the presenters expands on. “What will spill out of the cup? It is whatever is in the cup.” Making the connection between the illustration and the individuals in the audience the presenter goes on to say, “Therefore, when your cup is rattled and someone bumps into you, what will spill out of your life? If you respond in anger, obviously you held anger in your life. If you respond in kindness, you had kindness in your heart.”

When our cup is rattled hard enough, many of us will not like what we find spilling out of our cup. We would blush or cringe at the things that might come out of our heart. What unwholesome thoughts might come from the depths that we try hard to keep hidden? It is not enough to say we must get rid of our anger. We must understand that without God in our lives, we are the fount of it.

We must be transformed by handing out lives over to Jesus. We cannot change what is in our cup, only Jesus can turn something bitter into something sweet. Only He can turn our wrath and fury into grace and kindness. We must continually seek to renew our lives in light of the work Christ has done for us. We must hand our lives to Jesus and when we experience pain, we will see the life transforming work He has done even in the depths of our souls.

Prayer of the Day: “Loving God, when I face conflict remind my heart to turn my anger over to you.”

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