Why Partner with the Food Bank?

Why partner with the Salvation Army Food Bank?

Today, we celebrated the re-opening of the Yorkton Salvation Army Food Bank. The question that I found myself answering multiple times today was simply, “Why?”

I’m amused that our actions have left many wondering about why we, an MB Church, would partner with an organization like the Salvation Army Food Bank. People found it shocking. Why, when churches are struggling to keep going themselves, would a church offer to partner with another church in the city? Why push for an ecumenical partnership when there is still so much to do on our own end?

“It’s simple,” I said today. ‘It fits our mission.”

Because Jesus Loves the People of the Parkland, We Exist to Develop People Who Loves Jesus and Serve Others.

With great clarity, we are committed to focusing all our attention and efforts towards that one mission. Aligning with the Salvation Army Food Bank therefore was a foregone conclusion. Through their efforts feeding hundreds of people in Yorkton and beyond and providing many other services, they are serving the people of the Parkland. Why re-create the wheel when there is an organization that does wonderful work in the city already? Why not find a way to serve them as they serve others?

Starting with a conversation over coffee, Pastor and Lieutenant Samuel Tim of Salvation Army offered me, a fairly new pastor in the city at the time, a chance to come visit his church facilities and food bank. It amazed me! I thought, “How could we come alongside this work and help out?” Our church had already been helping out in small ways, through donating food and providing small financial gifts, but could there be more we could do?

That day, a process started of thinking through what it might look like for them to move locations as we at Parkland Community Church (PCC) have this wonderful building we weren’t utilizing to its full potential. We dreamed of a win-win-win scenario. A win for the Food Bank to see more resources go towards what they do best. A win for PCC to see our building fully utilized within our mission. And a win for our community to provide for them a space where more programs could be created and run for their benefit.

Today that dream became a reality and we couldn’t be happier. We pray for a long, healthy partnership with the Salvation Army to serve the people of the Parkland. Because our Lord and Savior Jesus loves these people, we will love and serve them for His glory so many might know of the work He has done for us and for them. So they might turn and praise Him! Forever and ever. Amen!

William Con

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