When Honor Comes Your Way, Pass It Along

He poured it out before the LORD 2 Samuel 23:16

“How we respond to praise and honor says a lot about us. When praise is directed towards others, especially God, stay out of the way. The parade isn’t for us.” Mike Wittmer

There’s a story (Mike Wittmer shares a similar story in today’s devotion) about when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The story shares the experience from the donkey’s point of view and everyone is cheering, celebrating and praising him as he enters into the city. That donkey would go on to remember that day for the rest of his days. He also would never have to suffer the pain and agony our Lord and Saviour experienced a short time later on the cross. The donkey received all of the praise and none of the scorn.

Sometimes, Wittmer commentates, we can get caught up like the donkey, taking in all the praise and love and worship, not realizing that we deserve none of it. Instead that praise and honor and glory is reserved for Christ and we mistakenly believe it to be ours. In those moments, we are taking what rightfully belongs to the Son of God, and claiming it as our own.

I think we often do that. Many of us have worked hard to get where we are. We’ve sacrificed. We’ve put in the hours. We have fretted and worried over our lives and after all of that hard work, we can (and in our heart of hearts say, we should) enjoy the fruit of our labor.

The problem is that there was so much put in place even before we stepped onto the field we don’t give our Creator and Lord credit for. Who decided it was good for you to be born? Who decided it was good for you to be brought up in such a way and to be given such an education and opportunity? Who gave you an intelligent mind and an able body? Was it you, O man, who bestowed all these blessings upon you?

No friends, it was not but for the Love of God that it was deemed appropriate that you enjoy all the things you enjoy. Indeed, it is even by the love of Christ that we have access to life and salvation itself. Anything we can claim, let it be counted as rubbish before the knowledge of Christ and His gospel. Therefore, praise God, every day in every season!

Prayer of the day: “God, may words of praise to You be continually on my lips. You alone deserve the praise.”

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