What’s It? And Do We Have It? Part 1

It by Craig Groeschel dives into what makes a thriving church. What is the ‘it‘ factor that helps churches grow and thrive and beckons people to engage?

“Instead of passionately caring about people who didn’t have Christ, members started to gripe about how the church wasn’t all that they wanted it to be. Instead of people sacrificing for the cause of Christ, people appeared to be consuming, not contributing. Where did it go? Did we kill it? Did God take it away?” (Page 16)

As pastor Groeschel dives into the IT factor, its easy to recognize when you don’t have it. Recalling the early years of Life.Church, Groeschel recalls that they didn’t have much, but they had it and it was powerful, present and you could feel whatever it was that came from God. However, after a decade of ministry, the pastor began to see a decline in the thing that you could feel made the gathering so special. Instead of the excitement, growth and encouragement, people began to fight and squabble.

If you’re wondering if your church has it, I believe there are a few simple questions your leadership team can be asking yourselves:

  • Is your time identifying and dealing with problems and preferences encouraging or depressing?
  • Are there problems or opportunities?
  • Are you executing on your mission (why your church exists) or are you just floating by hoping you don’t lose any more attendees?
  • Are your best days ahead of you or behind you?
  • Is your team collaborating or competing (or even fighting)?

These are some broad based question and i’m sure there are many more. However, based on your answers to these questions, you’ll probably have somewhat of an idea of if you have it or not. If you’re unable to answer in the positive or you’re ‘unsure’ if you can answer in the positive, most likely, you probably don’t have it. Be sober-minded about these questions. Don’t try and change your answers just because you want it. If your gut is telling you you’re not quite there yet, listen to it.

For some of you, it maybe sobering to know you don’t have it and something is lacking… Groschel ends chapter one with two very important principles I want you to hear and be aware of:

  1. The good news: If you don’t have it, you can get it.
  2. The bad news: if you have it, you can lose it. (Page 18)

Friends, I want you to have it, so good news, you can get it and I’m assuming Groschel will help us on our journey getting there. However, be aware, that though it can come, it means it certainly can leave. If you’re wondering if you have it, take note of the conversations happening in and among your leadership and members. By their words, you’ll find the insights into whether or not you have it.

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