We Must Pursue Righteousness. Or Descend Into Something Else…

Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers. Psalm 1:1

“When we’re making decisions, big or small, about our careers, money, relationships, and more, may we seek God’s wisdom found in the bible, godly counsel, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. His guidance is essential and trustworthy for living a fulfilling life and not creating messes.” Marvin Williams

One foundational principles of the universe I find compelling is that orderly things overtime become unorderly. Think of a building left to decades of neglect. The building is not going to become nicer. It is going to decay and see destruction. You don’t leave a lego set out of the box and it builds into a Star War’s Battle cruiser by itself. But you leave a fully built lego set out in the open, it will ultimately fall apart. Life becomes disorderly.

This simple and profound concept of the universe is something we should all take to heart. We should take it to heart when we think of our own lives. Without any effort or direction towards improvement, righteousness or godliness, our lives will naturally turn towards others things not of this kind. Lives do not get better on their own. It takes a lot of work.

It is not hard to walk or stand or sit in unhelpful ways. There are many things out there that are calling for our time, effort and attention. If we let the winds of life take us where they blow, they will take us anywhere and everywhere. One day we might look back on our lives and wonder why we are where we are? A base assumption of mine might be because you didn’t plan or move in a direction that was helpful. You allowed life to take control of your life and it has taken you to deep dark places.

We fight against the natural concept of decay and disorder by putting guardrails and systems in place. We fight the good hard fight to stay on a right path. We fight to stay in the family of God. We do so because Jesus fought on our behalf every day He was here on earth so He would live a perfect life, giving that life up for us so we might be forgiven from our sins.

Now, because of His work in life, on the cross and in death, we are free to be apart of God’s family. Yet, there are still many things that will tempt us to leave His family and to dismiss the work Christ did for us. Things will lure us away, to forget what Christ has done and to chase after the way of the sinner, mocker and wicked. Let us not allow life to decay our life. Let us make an effort to turn our gaze and our attention once again on the Saviour of our life: Jesus.

Prayer of the Day: “Loving God, before I seek Your advice about things I don’t know – where to live, who to marry, what career to pursue – help me to practice obedience in the areas I do know, including to love You and others.”

Parkland Community Church:
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William Con

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