Turn and Look to Jesus in Your Alamo

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

“That’s not bad advice to follow when illness, family concerns, and other battles confront us, because we haven’t been left to fight in our own waning energies. God is present; God is strong; He’s looked after us in the past and will do so again. Our God will get us through.” Sheridan Voysey

When all seems lost and darkness begins to envelop you, where do you turn to? Do you turn to your comforts? Do you turn to food or your TV or to your loved ones that will fill that void that is missing in your life? Do you work harder? Do you work extra hours? Do you spend your nights at the office rather than at home? Do you shut down and seek escape through your video games or books or your imagination? Where does your help come from?

In the battle, Sheridan Voysey asks us to seek God’s face. All of us face some sort of battle we have to work through. There will be times in our life where we face a small battle. Other times it will be like we’re facing several battles all at once that threaten to overtake us. These battles will feel like the Alamo with enemies surrounding us on every side. Yet even in these battles, we must keep our attention on the one who has already won the battle.

This is hard to do because the battle demands our attention, our energy and our time. When we face problems, we must do that, we must face them. Yet, this is where we find the devil in the details. We cannot pour all our energy into our own strength and effort to fixing the problem. No, as good soldiers we get our marching orders from Jesus. We must keep our attention on him and his promises. We know he has won the ultimate battle and we must trust him in the trials we are currently going through, knowing He works all things for our good!

Jesus went through death to save us, and by rising again three days later, he has proven his victory over death. If He has won against our greatest enemy, he will surely walk through our current battles with us, seeing us through to the over side and one day to the side of Him and our Heavenly Father in heaven! Praise be to the one who has won the battle!

Prayer of the Day: Wonder-working God, I hand over this battle to You. I trust in Your strength and Your promises.

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