Trust in the Known and the Unknown

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty. Isaiah 55:11

“When we’re facing unyielding circumstances… may we trust that God is working – even when we don’t see the final outcome.” Amy Boucher Pye

In life there are things we’re privileged to know and learn about and there are things we’ll never know. We would assume we all understand this. However, when it comes to living this life’s principle out in a manner helpful to our lives, many of us fail at incorporating this helpful truth into our lives.

To give an example, let say that you spend a full morning or day, producing packages or materials for others. Those materials go out and you never hear about the results? You might be tempted to think that your effort, your time and your energy was not put to good use. You might therefore, think to not to do the work next time because it went into the void and it never seemed to come back out.

The problem with this way of thinking is that you’re making a decision based on a lack of information. You don’t know if your effort made a difference in a person’s life. You don’t know if it changed a life. But you still have to make day to day decisions on what you’re going to engage in. How are you going to act? What actions and events are you going to put your faith in to make a difference in the world?

Isaiah encourages us to put our faith in God’s life transformative work. Although we may not see the final outcome, Isaiah promises us that the gospel will transform a person’s life. It may transform them into living giving children of God, or it will completely turn people off to the gospel call in their lives. Paul says in this way we are a fragrance of death to some and life to others. The gospel reveals where a person is in life. Will they submit to Christ and his saving work of the cross, or will they reject Him as so many have done before.

Those of us who have put our trust in Jesus to save us are privileged to know how the gospel has transformed our lives. We have seen the power of the cross. We have been made new by the power of God himself. We however, do not know how the power of the gospel spoken by us will transform others.

We just know it has for us. If it might save our friends, family, coworkers and community, would we be willing to put our faith in God’s word whether or not we see the final outcome? Is that worth giving our life to even when we don’t see the ultimate and final change in a person? I trust it will. I would be willing to give my life to such an effort.

Prayer of the day: Heavenly Father, thank You for what You’ve revealed, which brings me hope, peace, and love. Help me to grow in my love for You.

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