Treasuring the Word of the Lord

A Devotional based on the Daily Bread from September 9 2020.

Proverbs 7:1-3 “My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you; keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye; bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.” (ESV)

Kirsten Holmberg writes “Having access to God’s truth is an amazing privilege. The writer of Proverbs indicates we should treat His instruction to us in the Scriptures as something to be cherished, as ‘the apple of [our] eye’ (Proverbs 7:2) and to write His words of wisdom on ‘tablet of [our] heart’ (v.3). As we seek to understand the bible and live according to its wisdom, we, like scribes, are drawing God’s truth from our ‘fingers’ down into our hearts, to be taken with us wherever we go.”

Many of us all over the world (especially here in Canada) have such a privilege to own a bible that we can pick up, open up and be transformed by. Yet many of us have not made it a regular habit to do so. Just like that new treadmill that has become our new, expensive and effective drying rack, we treat the word of God not as a transforming agent in our lives but as a decorative center piece of our coffee table or our bookshelf.

We see it, we dust it, we don’t allow it to be dropped on the floor. Yet, many still refuse to properly use the Word of God, our bible. A gift from God to us. God’s very words, yet we are too busy or haven’t been taught to properly treasure His commandments and wisdom. All the wonders of God, sitting right there across the room.

Our brothers and sisters in China, the middle east and other countries who are hostile to the gospel cry out against us. In all our privilege with our religious freedom and multiple bibles laying throughout our houses and apartments and condos, we treat them not as the Word of God, but as a paper weights or just another book we will one day get around to reading. Those who live under governments who persecute Christians, weep with joy and dance with abandonment when bibles are delivered into their desperate hands. Do we truly understand the worth of our bible? Do we understand this is the Word of the Lord?

Friends, a treadmill doesn’t transform your body through drying your clothes. It works when you plant your feet firmly on it and start walking. Thus, a bible will not transform your life while it sits pretty on your coffee table. One must open and learn from it. One must treasure and yearn for the very words of God. Our hearts must be transformed. And when we are found wanting, may we break down, repent and turn once again to a God who can restore us and make us whole once again. Let us turn again to Jesus who by his life, death and resurrection has brought salvation to our homes!

Question of the day: Do you treasure God’s Word for your life? Do you store up wisdom and bind them to your fingers and etch them into the very being of your heart?

Prayer: “Loving God, help me know Your Word intimately that I might live” as a disciple of Jesus who treasures Him above all else!

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