Total, Undeniable Forgiveness!

I have swept away your offenses…like the morning mist. Isaiah 44:22

“I don’t fully grasp forgiveness like that, but I do understand that God’s grace is the only thing that can dissolve our sin completely and heal us from it. I’m thankful His grace is endless and divine like He is, and that it’s available whenever we need it.” Jennifer Benson Schuldt

Can God really love someone like me? It’s a question many of us ask when we are confronted with the actions we’ve done, which we are most displeased with. Many of us try to live with very little to no regrets in our life. However, there are some instances where we are unable to not call an event a regret and we’re faced with it. We wonder, if someone knew everything about me, could they love me? Who could love a person who has done so much harm to others? Who could love someone as broken as me.

The answer is God. God loved you so much that He saw you and still sent His son to save you. Jesus was sent to earth to dwell among us, to live a perfect life so he might give it up to the cross and to death so we might not have to face that penalty of death. It was the ultimate show of love for us.

Maybe you might give up your life for a loved one or even a friend. But would you give it up for a stranger or an enemy? Would you give it up for someone who didn’t deserve forgiveness? How far would you go to love the worst of the worst? Christ’s sacrifice died for the worst of the worst people. He made a way for everyone to enter into heaven if they would just bend the knee to Christ. He has offered forgiveness through giving up his own life as payment for the brokenness, sinful actions we’ve done through our own will and volition. Jesus loved us that much.

God sees you completely. He knows you completely. He knows you at your best but He also knows you at your worst. He has seen your worst day, your most malicious thought and your most hurtful action. The things you wish you could sweep away from you past, God one day will through His Son Jesus, if we only make Him Lord and Saviour of our life. If we trust Him to remove our sin from us as far as the east is from the west, God is faithful to do so.

Prayer of the Day: “Dear God, thank You for Your gracious presence in my life. I don’t want to live in habitual sin. Help me to feel the freedom that comes when I confess my sin and You erase it completely.”

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