The Motive Patrick Lencioni Part 5

5 actions responsibility-centered leaders do that others don’t. The Introduction.

Now that we’ve laid out the case as to why one should be a responsibility-centered leader instead of a reward-centered leader, what are the different actions the two do to show where they’re centered?

Lencioni titles this section “The Five Omissions of Reward-Centered Leaders” which is probably the best way to title it as he says, “Let me make it clear that this is not a list of the primary responsibilities of a leader…These  are simply the most common omissions that rewards-centered leaders find to be tedious, uncomfortable, or just plain hard.”

This is an excellent descriptor as this isn’t a ‘business’ book per say…it won’t talk to you about right pricing of your product or offering excellent service to customers. It’s a leadership book! Which means this book can definitely (and most likely should) be applied to business leaders but it also applies to the leader of your home, your school, your community or your church. Wherever you find leadership and leadership is found wherever 2 or more are gathered!

Leaders must do what the job description asks them to do. Transition a company. Grow the church. Teach high school kids. Recruit volunteers. Whatever it is they have to do leaders will procure the greatest results when they leverage the greatest influence. Lencioni makes the case to be a great leader (a responsibility-centered leader) one must do these common tasks that are in their nature, tedious, uncomfortable and difficult to exert the greatest leadership impact. The fact that some choose not to do these things reinforces the fact that they’re not in it to optimize their position but their rewards.

So why did you get into leadership? Well, having answered that: to gain responsibility (for the group, company or context you find yourself), what are the responsible things a leader has to do? This is what we’ll explore in the following blogs.

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