The Motive Patrick Lencioni Part 1

The Motive Patrick Lencioni: The Introduction. 

 “New York times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni has written a dozen books focused on how leaders build teams and lead organizations. In The Motive, he shifts his attention toward helping them understand the importance of why they’re leading in the first place.”

Full Disclosure: Patrick Lencioni has been one of my favorite leadership authors since I’ve begun studying aspects of leadership. From my first introductions of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to The Advantage, Lencioni has brought clear language helping myself and countless others navigate the treacherous waters of leadership. My suggestion would be to go buy at least one of his books, possibly this one, and see what he has to say!

The Motive. Patrick Lencioni’s newest book we’ll be exploring in the next six blogs gets to the heart of the question: “Can anyone become a leader?” Lencioni, on Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast (April 6 2020, says, “The truth is, the world isn’t better when people want to be leaders and they don’t know why or they’re doing it for themselves. And that seems obvious, but the fact of the matter is when you exhort a person to be a leader and they don’t have a reason to be that way or they haven’t developed humility and selflessness, that encourages destruction.” 

Lencioni looks to uncover leader’s motives as to why they desire to be a leader, a CEO or just somebody in charge. What is their MOTIVE? Because based on their motivation, they could be walking into a situation where they are a servant leader, serving others, taking responsibility and doing a great good in the world.


Perhaps they’ve longed for the power, recognition and position they’ve held in such high esteem for so long that once they’ve gotten there, they feel they have the right to do whatever they want to do. This position (longing for the reward position) encourages destruction of their role, their company and possibly even themselves. Lencioni encourages every leader to take a look and ask the question: “Am I doing this for the right reasons?” Together we get to explore this question!

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