The God of the Universe Hears Your Prayers

Let it be known today that you are God. 1 Kings 18:36

“While our prayers may not always be answered [immediately], we can be assured that God hears them (Psalms 34:17). The bible reminds us that He treasures our prayers so much that He keeps them before Him in ‘golden bowls’, like precious incense (Revelation 5:8).” James Banks

When someone tells me I can’t do something I easily turn into a toddler once again, screaming about how unfair it is that I cannot do what I want to do. It is not something I’m incredibly proud of. It’s something I feel I’m still working on and I hope I won’t spend the rest of life my battling. This is to say, I find it very difficult when someone tells me ‘no’. I hate hearing that cursed word.

Yet, sometimes our heavenly father will tell us that very word. No.

  • No, I will not heal that specific wound miraculously
  • No, I will not restore your family in the way you desire it
  • No, I will not take away the thorn from your side

All of these statement sound harsh and sound frustrating. How can this answer be good for us, when it brings so much pain? Although I may not know the specific answer to that second question, I know our Father still loves us beyond anything we can imagine. He will always listen to us and hear our prayers. He is never far from us, even when the answer is no.

God’s plans are much greater than my plans. God’s ways are much higher than my ways. At times, theses answers may not bring the greatest satisfaction because we know a ‘no’ probably means great pain at times. But in our pain, God continues to hold us near to him, comfort us and guide us through the darkness.

Just because the answer is ‘no’ doesn’t mean we now live with a God who likes seeing us in pain. He wants to see restoration and redemption. And through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we will one day see the ultimately fulfillment of that promise. We will one day see God face to face and all pain will be wiped away. God is God and we must treat him as such, even in the days we face much pain. It should comfort us in our pain that God is always near to us, comforting us and guiding us through to that great day where there will be no more pain.

Prayer of the day: “Father, how amazing You are to always hear my prayers! I praise You because my prayers are precious to You.”

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