The God of the Heavens, Knows You, Saves You and Sends You.

Satisfy us in the morning with you unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days. Psalm 90:14

“We do [matter]. We matter because we’re deeply, eternally loved by the God who made us.” David Roper.

David writes about a young man contemplating about his place in the universe. We’re just itty-bitty specs compared to the greatness of the universe we reside in. In light of that perspective, do we matter? I have to say, it’s a poignant question for me. I do at times, feel insignificant, worthless and question my place in this universe God has created.

David, however says there’s three reasons we matter.

  1. We matter because we’re loved by God.
  2. We matter because we can show the love of God to others
  3. We matter because we are eternal creatures.

In all the craziness, God doesn’t just say ‘I love you’ He says my name… I love you, William. That’s incredible to me. The God who created all of this knows me. Not only does he know me but he’s given me a purpose. Love your neighbor. ‘Will, go and share my love with that person who needs your love because I love them.’ He has not only seen me but has sent me, empowered me, and equipped me with everything I need to accomplish the mission.

Finally, He will sustain me to the end. He will satisfy me ever ending need to be whole. Today, as I write this, I feel lacking and to hear this message is powerful. I am not enough, yet the Lord my God is. Jesus makes up for my lack, for my brokenness. One day, I will fully enter into the presence of Jesus and I will struggle no more with these feelings of inadequacy. Praise God!

I mattered so much that Jesus gave up his life for me. He gave up his life so I might be free from my brokenness, my death and my sin. Now, I am a child of God! May God equip, strengthen and sustain me as I preach this good news to my friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

Prayer of the day: “I’m grateful, loving God, that I matter to You.  Help me share You with others.

Parkland Community Church:
We Exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others.

William Con

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