The Best Explanation For ‘It’

“The best explanation I can give you is this: it is what God does through a rare combination of these qualities found in his people:

  1. Passion for his presence
  2. A deep craving to reach the lost
  3. Sincere integrity
  4. Spirit-filled faith
  5. Down-to-earth humility
  6. Brokenness” (page 31)

Friends, as I take a moment to read these six qualities, I ask myself a much-too-pointed question. “Which ones are the more focused upon on this list?” Because, honestly, I think most people would say they have half of these in spades. They are abundant in half of these qualities and if you were to push them on the other three they would give you the good Christian response, but the truth is, it wouldn’t be evident in their lives.

So you’re probably wondering which qualities, I believe, are the most protected and which ones are glossed over?

Most Protected: 1. Passion. 2. Integrity. 3. Faith.
Glossed Over: 1. Reaching the Lost. 2. Humility. 3. Brokenness

The most protected are the easiest to discover. I would suffer there are very few churches who meet because they don’t care about God’s presence, have zero integrity about serving God and have no faith whatsoever. However, I might suffer that many churches believe these are the only things they need to have it.

“If we just yearn for God’s presence when we meet and just continue to be faithful in our daily duties in reading out bibles and doing our jobs and maintain good character and keep the faith, God will bless us!”

As much as I would like to agree with this statement above, I’ve heard of a few too many churches that continue to hold their thousandth bible study behind closed doors, never speaking out about their faith, and never having the urgency, humility or brokenness to believe God might want them to do something different to love the community beyond their doors. They way they did it 10, 30 or 50 years ago worked then… Why change? We have the perfect group of people? Why bring more people into it that might mess it up?

To have it, churches cannot meet half of these qualities but must display all of them. We must have great humility and love for reaching lost people as much as we have integrity and a passion for God’s presence. We must seek advancements in every area of these qualities, not just some.

Sometimes we’ll seek one area too heavily. There is a thing of being too passionate for God’s presence to the point where we ignore outreach. We can also be too oriented towards missional living to the point where our integrity or faith suffers because we are living too heavily as servants of Christ, putting our trust in what we do, rather than children of God, putting our trust in what Jesus has done for us.

Let us seek for all of these qualities in our church, in every member so we might see the gospel advance mightily among us and within our city!

Parkland Community Church:
We Exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others.

William Con

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