Serve Your Spiritual Siblings

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. Colossians 3:15

“Teams function best when they work together…members of the church are designed to work together and watch out for each other like a team.” Xochitl Dixon

John Donne said, “No man is an island unto himself.” We are all connected. That is true on a humanity level, but there’s an even greater truth when it comes to the church. We are all brothers and sister in Christ; one big family. Yet many Christ followers have trouble putting this idea into practice. When push comes to shove, we isolate ourselves instead of building connections with our spiritual family.

Now, there are many reasons why this happens because the truth is, we all have failings and miss the mark. Sometimes, Christ followers don’t fully understand the gospel and act in ways contrary to how the gospel is to be played out in their lives. Sometimes, we are not just not kind or gentle but sometimes downright mean, unforgiving or nasty. Other times we miss the mark because we are so incredibly busy and don’t make time for others. The list goes on and on…

But the church is to be a place we strive to be safe, welcoming and to be a family. In this time of COVID-19 it is even more difficult to feel apart of the family. In light of this difficult time, we don’t give up. We work together. We allow space for one another to fail. We do our best to reach out to our spiritual family as our spiritual father continues to reach out to us. We are called to be a family. So let us do the hard work to be a good brother and a good sister. As a spiritual father to our church, let me repeat what my mother tells me every so often:

Call your siblings!

God has given us his spirit to guide us. He has given his words to us to instruct us. I hope you regularly run to your bibles and to prayer as you navigate your life. However, I pray you are also running to your spiritual brothers and sisters as well. I pray you are a support to them, as they are a support to you.

Prayer of the Day: “Father God, thank You for using scripture to instruct me, Your Spirit to guide me, and Your people to keep me focused and accountable.”

Parkland Community Church:
We Exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others.

William Con

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