Seeing Once and Again!

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Psalm 119:18

Sheridan Voysey writes about their experience discovering anamorphic art. “The key to anamorphic art is viewing it from different angles until its meaning is revealed.” Tying it to the Word of God, we understand that the bible can be difficult to comprehend sometimes. We might, at first look, have no idea what we’re looking at. But upon reading it and reading it and viewing it from a different angle, perhaps the meaning might become known to us.

“Christ’s parables work this way. Those who care enough to ponder them gain ‘eyes to see’ their meaning (Matthew 13:10-16). Paul told Timothy to ‘reflect’ on his words so God would give him insight (2 Timothy 2:7). And the repeated refrain of Psalm 119 is how meditating on scpritures bring wisdom and insight, opening our eyes to see its meaning.”  Sheridan Voysey

I still read my bible and sometimes I see a new thing for the first time even though I’ve read the story multiple times. Something just sticks out to me and the story becomes more profound. Christ’s words become more precious to me. His words hit me deeper. I pray that you will find time in your days to open God’s word throughout your day and

Prayer for the day: “God, open my eyes to see each wonderful thing within the Scriptures. Guide me down the paths connecting each one.”

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