Parkland Community Church in 15 Years…

What will Parkland Community Church look like in 15 years?

This question is a question every church has to ask themselves and answer appropriately.

Some of you might say, “What does it matter? In 15 years, I won’t be here. Or: In 15 years, My kids will be grown up and will have moved on, so I might as well. Or: In 15 years… I might not be alive…”

I believe the question matters because I hope your church isn’t just for you. I hope that in 15 years, whether you are at the same church or a different church, that in 15 years, the church you’re attending now is stronger than ever and is fulfilling the great commission Jesus gave to us better than ever.

But the road to 15 years starts now. If you’re unsure what the church is going to look like in 15 years, then how are we going to being to head in that direction? A better question, is how are we going to accomplish that direction in such a short amount of time? On one hand, 15 years is almost a generation gap (20 years) ((well perhaps only half a generation these days with people having kids at 30)), On the other hand, it’s not a whole lot of time at all. It honestly feels like I started here at PCC only a couple months ago, and yet, in under 4 months, we’ll have been here two years!

We have to base our direction on why we exist. Which is found in our mission statement:

Parkland Community Church:
We Exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others.

These are the three things that we at Parkland Community Church strive to do. We want to:

  1. Develop People: Equipping the church to engage the world, preparing them to have gospel conversations with their friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus. This is done through studying the bible, preaching gospel centered sermons, encouraging spiritual gifts and the following of the Holy Spirit! We exist to Develop People
  2. Love Jesus: Our lives are to be marked as servants and brothers of Jesus and sons and daughters of the God of life. We want to be people who are in-tuned with the desires of Jesus. We want our conversations to be spiritual in nature. We want to have the heart of Jesus, to see others brought into the family of God from lives of brokenness. We want to do what Jesus did for so many in bringing hope, healing and restoration of people to a knowledge of salvation through his work on the cross.
  3. Serve Others. We don’t want the church as a people to be a lack luster group. We want our lives to be marked by service. We want people to know those who attend PCC as people who serve their loved ones, their communities and even their enemies in such a way that brings, hope, light and love. We want to be so known for our service to others that we are a premier group in Yorkton who are ready to serve.

This is what we hope the culture of PCC will look like. We want to be the premier church that brings the gospel to the parkland through developing people to love Jesus as we do and to serve as we do. We have been able to do so much with so few, what could we do if more were added to our numbers? What transformation could we make in the city of Yorkton that would bring others to a saving knowledge of grace in Jesus? What if every single members were developed so well, loved Jesus with everything they had, and served at every moment they could? What could we accomplish?

Parkland Community Church:
We Exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others.

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