Our Father Will Bring Us Home

In distant lands they will remember me…and they will return. Zechariah 10:9

“[God] would meet the people’s relentless ache for home, not because of their perseverance, but because of His mercy: ‘I will signal for them… and they will return’ (VV.8-9). Our sense of exile may come because of our bad decisions or because of hardships beyond our control. Either way, God hasn’t forgotten us.” Winn Collier

God hasn’t forgotten us… Some of us need to hear that today. Some need to recognize that our present circumstances don’t justify our desire to blame God for leaving us. He hasn’t. He hasn’t left us. He hasn’t forgotten about us. He hasn’t stopped loving us.

However, the tempter calls us to think different. He calls us to reject the character of God and trust in our own understanding and judgement. He whispers to us, “Your marriage is failing. Your work is useless. You’re not worthy of love. God has rejected you.”

Some of these things may be true to you. Some of your marriages may be failing. Some of you may feel that your work is meaningless. Some feel at a ‘soul’ level that you’re not worthy of love or belonging. Yet, God still hasn’t forgotten you. God has not forsaken you or left you alone to your own devices. He has given you His Holy Spirit so you might have God living within you, empowering you, helping you pray and helping guide you in your life.

Some of you have been away far too long from God. You may have rejected God for several reasons. Maybe life got hard and you believed the evil one’s lies. Maybe you’ve chosen to go down a dark path by your own will and volition. Whatever the reason you are now finding yourself far from God.

My prayer for you today is to turn, once again, towards Jesus and his salvation for you. You choose to click through to this article today. Something in your heart prompted you to hear this call to return home. You want to believe that God has a place for you in His Kingdom and His family. That desire is put in there by God. That is a good desire. I would urge you to follow it. God has not forsaken you. He has not forgotten you. He is waiting with open arms to receive you once again.

Submit your knee to Jesus once again and come home.

Prayer of the day: “God, I feel far away from You. I know You’re near, but I feel so distant. Would You help me to hear Your call? Would You bring me home?”

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