Welcome to Parkland Community Church! We are so excited you’ve decided to join us this morning! Give me a minute to give a few introductory ideas and we’ll jump right into our service today!

This morning we are looking at 1 Peter 4:12-19 in our series “Hope in Isolation”. We look at how we can endure the trials that are ahead of us. We rejoice, knowing that as we share in Christ’s suffering. We will rejoice in his rejoicing when his glory is revealed!

We’re so glad you’ve come to join us today! We hope this is an encouragement to you and if you think it would be an encouragement to others, feel free to pass this website along to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to encourage them as we walk through this time of social distancing in Covid-19! I pray God would be close to you today and this week and you would feel the love of Jesus!

Pastor William


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Prayer Items  

  1. Please pray for our family of the Week: Dave and Janet Thomas. Pray they would continue to seek after God and their Lord and Savior. Pray Jesus would become ever more important to them as He continues to develop them every day!
  2. Please pray for the Family Worship Center and for Pastor Tim! Pray they would continue to make the most of the opportunity afforded to them in these days to see more people come to know Jesus!  
  3. Please pray for the organization Multiply. Pray as they continue to make disciples all over the world and planting churches. Pray for Canada to see more churches planted in every province and territory!
  4. Pray for Pastor Kim Worthington as he begins his pastoral ministry at Waldheim MB Church!

Junior Church

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Junior Church Lesson

Worship Through Music


Audio Sermon: Trust in your Trials and in His Glory (William Con)

Worship Through Music

Thank you for making the time to join us this morning, or whatever time you were able to join and participate in this online gathering! We are so glad you made time in your week to hear God’s word together, to worship, pray the same prayers and care for one another!

My final call to our church family would be to a continuation of last weeks sermon. We only have a short time left. In this time, we may experience many trials. We should not be surprised by this news. But if we suffer for Christ’s sake, we will be blessed. So let us as verse 19 says, “Entrust [our] souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.”

So Go! Give your life to God in the hope of salvation and endure the trial so you may rejoice when his glory is revealed!

Parkland Community Church