Welcome to Parkland Community Church! We are so excited you’ve decided to join us this morning! Give me a minute to give a few introductory ideas and we’ll jump right into our service today!

This morning we are jumping into Genesis Chapter 4 and we’re looking at how far man has descended into chaos. From Adam and Eve two sons are born. Great drama ensues among these brothers. We see two offerings. God accepts one and denies the other. Due to this, one kills the other. What a great tragedy this is. Friends, we’re only in chapter 4. Yet in this, God has something to teach us

We’re glad you’ve come to join us today! We hope this is an encouragement to you and if you think it would be an encouragement to others, we would love if you passed this website along to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to encourage them as we walk through this time of social distancing in Covid19! I pray God would be close to you today and this week and you would feel the love of Jesus!

Pastor William Con


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Prayer Items  

1. Please pray for our family of the Week: Bob and Debbie Buhler as they continue to witness to their coworkers, family and clients. Pray they would be a light to those around them as they live out God’s rule in their lives!

2. Please pray for Grace River Mission Church. Pray the people of the church would be strong in their faith and be witnesses to their families and friends and neighbors.

3. Please pray for Ketchen Lake Bible Camp as they come out of a difficult season. Pray for encouragement and support for their staff and leaders as they follow God’s direction for their lives!

4. Pray for Gospel Workers to be sent out into the harvest. Pray for gospel conversations to be in your life. Pray for gospel opportunities to better know, live and advance the gospel throughout the parkland to see many come to know Jesus!

5. Pray for our church as we re-engage our Sunday morning services next week October 4th as we seek to do so safely for our congregation

Junior Church

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Worship Through Music


September 13 2020: The First Murder (Pastor William)

Worship Through Music

Thank you for making the time to join us and participate in this online gathering! We are so glad you made time in your week to hear God’s word together, to worship, pray the same prayers and care for one another!

My final call to our church family would be to bring your best to God. And when we fail to do so, let us not get caught up in our wrong doing, but instead, trust in the mercy of God, throwing ourselves on the hope of Jesus. May we once again put our trust not in ourselves but in the work of Jesus on the cross who paid the price for sin and made away for us to become adopted children of God.

Go, to love and serve the Lord, “for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” Ephesians 5:8 ESV.

Parkland Community Church