Nothing as Glorious as Jesus

The eye never has enough of seeing (Ecclesiastes 1:8)

Mike Wittner writes about the journey of Frank Borman that circled the moon. The first space mission to do so! It look two full days. He experienced weightlessness, took photos of the moon and spent four days up in space! Unfortunately, he also became motion sick and became incredibly bored…

Frank had done something no one else had ever done before. Yet even in this journey and adventure it wasn’t enough to satisfy. Nothing here on earth can give us the ecstasy that will last forever. They’re may be wonderful moments we can look back on with fondness that will bring a smile to our face, but as Ecclesiastes tells us, “the eye never has enough of seeing”. There is something that eludes us here on earth in this material world.

“The teacher of Ecclesiastes observed that no earthly experiences delivers ultimate joy. ‘The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing.’ We may feel moments of ecstasy, but our elation soon wears off and we seek the next thrill.” Mike Wittmer

What then is the answer for our lives? It is once again turning our gaze to focus on the one who loves us, on the God who created us and our Lord Jesus who ultimately saves us! John Piper says it best in his phraseology of ‘Christian Hedonism: God is Most Glorified in Us When We are Are Most Satisfied in Him.’ Nothing, not even the beautiful picture above will be as glorious as Jesus and his sacrifice for us to be children of God! Glorify God, by rejoicing in his Jesus and what he has done for you!

Prayer for the day: “Jesus, shine the light of Your love on me.”

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