My Middle Name is Danger!

“Prayers are inherently dangerous” Page 17. (398 words)

This one line from the opening chapter of the book caught my attention and I love this idea! If your prayer is something that might naturally come to pass, the author might suggest radically changing your prayer life quickly if I were you.

Think of it this way, the leader of your country comes to town and he/she wants to meet with you! In our country, that would be the Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau. His team says he has five minutes and he’s willing to hear why your project/organization/movement is worth supporting over some burgers and fries. Would you spend 3 of those minutes talking about how great the fast food is in front of you and how you hope it would do wonders for your body? OR…would you spend the time laying out exactly what you would like to see done in the next 3 months that is so important that would make a difference in your world?

The illustration falls short in sooooo many different ways but my point is that when we pray, we enter into the throne room of Almighty God. He who desires to make you His own and to care for you and transform you and send you to make a difference in your families lives, your friends lives and your communities’ lives! You are entering into the same room with a God who can do way more than we ever imagined or hoped for (Ephesians 3:20 paraphrased)!

One OT prophet found himself is such a position (in front of God in his throne room) and cried out is woe as he was unworthy of being found in such a room and right there God sent one to take away his brokenness and sin so he might stand in front of god made right by God! And God asks for someone to go for Him and the prophet says “Here I am! Send me!” It’s inconceivable! It’s awesome! And it’s dangerous!

When you pray, you enter into God’s throne room. I pray, you treat it with the respect it deserves. Come, not empty handed but with requests that only God can bring to light. I pray you bring prayers that will transform your life, that will glorify the King of Kings and will show your heart and your desires to the One who created you! That is what you’re doing when you pray! When you enter into that space, with prayers that can only be answered by God, you understand the statement, “Prayers are inherently dangerous!”

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