How Vision Contributes to It

“Ministries that have it always have a clear vision.” (page 39).

Vision is such a powerful thing. It is what drives us and the direction it drives us in. It would be very strange to try to take your family out for a beach day, to start driving without knowing if you were indeed heading to the beach! Now, to be fair, sometimes when I start driving and I might not know my exact location, but I know what general direction I’m heading. It always seems like that last 5 minutes always gets me a little confused however…

If you don’t know where you’re going, most likely those who want to travel along with you will be more confused than you are. Some may get into another car if that car promises to know how to get there because they want to get there sooner. Some may stick with you for a while and backseat drive the car. Others will eventually get tired of all your empty promises of arriving at a destination if you take too long making any progress in that direction.

If you don’t want to lose people, see them and yourself get lost, or spend hours upon hours, heading in a direction that isn’t going to be fun or helpful, you may want to pick yourself up some vision.

The problem is as Pastor Hybels puts it, “Vision leaks” (p46). One has to continue to communicate vision again and again and again because once you’ve found vision, defined vision and know the vision is effective, you won’t want to lose it. Leaders and churches who want to continue rolling down the yellow brick road must continue to watch the road and where that road is leading them.

Churches that have it, have vision. We at Parkland Community Church try to communicate vision everywhere. We communicate it in our gatherings, we communicate it in our emails. We communicate it in everyone of our blogs and sermons. We are vision-driven people. I ask our congregation and drill our leadership, “What is our vision”. Sometimes, I’m disappointed because it hasn’t stuck more than I had hoped, but we continue to push people towards the vision because we at PCC believe Jesus loves the people of the Parkland. Therefore, we exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others. Until we’re able to live that out…until we’re able to repeat it by memory and align every part of our church governance under that vision, we will never have it.

Parkland Community Church:
We Exist to Develop People Who Love Jesus and Serve Others.

William Con

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