His Love Endured Forever and Now For Everyone!

To him who struck down the firstborn of Egypt His love endures forever. Psalm 136:10

“Only when we receive Jesus as our Savior and are made alive in Him can we share the wonder of a God who loves everyone – at His own expense.” Mart Dehaan

As Mart reflects on Psalm 136, he finds it odd that a God whose ‘love endures forever’ would in the same sentence speak about the same God who killed the firstborns in Egypt. What reason would the God of love have for destroying the children of Egypt? In what world does this make sense from the God of love?

In such a short devotional it is difficult to understand this concept. To be honest, I’m not sure Mart does get around to his point with clarity but he does point to it. “That’s why we need the rest of the story. Only when the lights come up in the resurrection of Jesus can the whole world be invited into the joy of one family’s stories, tears and laughter.”

Mart speaks to the idea that God had a people who were his in the Old Testament (OT). Through Abram, God called his children to be His children and His people. They were supposed to illuminate to the rest of the world what it looked like to follow the living God and trust in him. This is a God who called a nation to be His, even though this people would be stiff-necked and stubborn and sinful. This is the love God shows that he takes a people and makes them his own, not because the people are good but because God himself is good.

This people found themselves in slavery to the Egyptians and were calling out to God to save them. God sent a messenger, Moses, to speak to Pharaoh so he might release God’s people. But Pharaoh resisted and God fought a mighty battle against the ‘gods’ of Egypt. The final result God won and brought down even the ‘god of death’ in Egypt. This would finally be enough for Pharaoh to release God’s people.

This one incident points to an even greater victory in Jesus. We who were enslaved to sin and death were destined to die. However, Jesus is the greater Moses calling to death to let us, his people, go. Christ, who is God’s firstborn, gave up his life to defeat death, to set us free, to allow us to once again be a people who belong to Only God.

We are now free to worship God, to be apart of God’s family because what Jesus did for us! This is now not only for the Jew, but for everyone. The Jewish people needed freedom from slavery. We need freedom from death and brokenness. This freedom through Jesus is not for the elite nor just the Jewish man. It is for everyone. The Egyptians were the enemies of God and God defeated them. Death is the enemy for all of us and the greater victory has been won through Jesus.

So Yes Lord! Your Love Endures Forever!

Prayer of the day: “Unseen Father, thank You for giving me reasons to believe that Your vision and love for all are better and wider than my love for myself and my own.”

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