God’s Timing is Perfect

Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree. Matthew 13:32

“We’re invited to live according to His way, the way that’s persisting and permeating. To resist the temptation to take matters into our own hands, to grasp for power and to justify our dealings in the world by the outcomes they may produce.” Glenn Packiama

In my life I can be incredibly impatient. I, like many of my millennial friends I know, want things done and done now. Glenn rights back against that urge that our culture tries to put on us. He asks us to allow God and his plan to work out in their timing not our own. We invited into a plan that is like a muster seed. A small seed but it does, over a great period of time, grow into a large tree that houses many of God’s wonderful creations.

We live in a world of instant communication and connection. Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms give us insight into windows we were previously not invited into. We now see the ‘success’ others want us to see. We compare and contras at a greater rate than ever before. When we look at what others are doing and we feel the nagging sensation that we’re not keeping up with the ‘Jones family’ we turn the mirror on ourselves and we ask the question what is wrong with us. The truth is there maybe nothing wrong with you. But cultural expectations asks us to be happy and successful at all times in all places.

God’s work doesn’t’ always shows up at first as great and successful. When Jesus was betrayed, abandoned, beaten and hung on the cross to die, people mocked him, scorned him and hurled insults at him. He was not successful by worldly standards at that moment. He was mocked as the king of the Jews. Yet today, it is the most important moment of my life even though it happened 2000 years ago. It was the event where my sin was cast on Christ and I now stand before God right as a son of light and a brother of Jesus. It was through that ‘small’ event that I know find myself whole and perfect in Christ!

We are to trust in God’s plan as it continues to work itself out in our lives. The seemly insignificant things we do can encourage and bless others in life. Let us continue to love in these ways allowing God’s work to bloom into the fruit of the gospel that produces great transformation.

Prayer of the Day: “Dear Jesus, thank You for often working in small, hidden, and seemingly insignificant ways. Help me to trust You’re at work even when I can’t see You. Grant me the grace to remain faithful.”

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