God Responds When We Ask For Help

Help me, LORD my God. Psalm 109:26

“There are seasons in our lives when ‘broken down’ says it all. In such times it can be hard to know what to pray. Our loving God will respond to our simple prayer for help.” John Blasé

There is not much to add to this devotional. Sometimes, all we can do is cry out for help. Sometimes, life is going to push you beyond your limits. Sometimes, its going to feel like hell or the closest thing to it.

But we must know God hears our prayers. God quickly rushes to our side to comfort and love us. Our situation may not be fixed in those next few moments but God has not left us in despair with no one to turn to. We can always turn to God because of what Jesus has done for us. Through His life, death and resurrection, we have access to the throne-room of God. God’s ear is attentive to us. He has given us his Holy Spirit because we have submitted the knee to Jesus. We have so many great things given to us because of Jesus.

So, in these difficult moments, I pray you turn back to God. I pray even in your heart break you find those two words to cry to our Heavenly Father: Help me.

Prayer of the Day: “Dear Father, some days are hard. They feel hopeless. Turn my heart to You in my brokenness. Give me strength to simply ask for help.”

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