Father’s Day Sermon Notes Proverbs 4:1-8

This father’s day, we looked at what good father’s do. King Solomon writes in Proverbs chapter 4, in the verse 8 verses 4 things we should pay attention to:

Good Fathers’:

Capture their children’s attention

Their are fathers who are attentive fathers. They are around, they’re present and they take an interest in their children’s lives. They wonder what they’re learning. They keep tabs on what kind of men and women their children are growing up to be. They ask why their children have bad days and why they have good days. They wonder how their children learn best and they take an active role in teaching their children.

No one should know children like their parents do. No one can be a father to your son or the primary protector for their daughters. These things a man cannot abdicate. A father should be one of the primary teachers in a child’s life. To do that however, first a father must capture his children’s attention. He must teach them in a way in which they learn. They must tend to their mind, their body and their spiritual development that creates an environment for the child to flourish. A father captures his children’s attention.

Past down good things that provide life

Good father’s aren’t trying to create mini-mes. A good father is trying to create a man or a woman of God. He takes the best parts of him and gives them to his children. Good father’s pass down inquisitive natures, hard work ethics, morals and other things that have been beneficial to you.

They also try and shield their children from the worst parts of them. They deal with their anger issues. They curve their drinking addition. They remain faithful to their wives. All so that they might be good father’s to their children passing down only the best parts of them, so their children may be better than they are.

Seek wisdom for themselves

To pass down the best parts of themselves, they must first have the wisdom to do such a thing. How does one deal with his drinking addition? Or his anger issues? How does one figure out what is childish wonder and what is just childish? To do that, Father’s must seek out wisdom. He must approach the one who is willing to give generously to all without reproach.

How does one approach such a good God? Through the access providing for him through the sacrifice of Jesus. We have access to a God who is for us, who will provide for us and who will answer our prayers because there was one who opened the way for us to do so. Jesus died for us, in our place, so we would be free from death and free to be in relationship with God.

A good father seeks wisdom through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, giving his life to Jesus in order that he might gain what we could not work for.

Help their children embrace the same wisdom

The greatest security you can provide for your children, the greatest gift you can secure for your children, is helping them understand the work of Jesus for them to be saved and brought into the family of God. That wisdom as Proverbs says, “Prize her highly, and she will exalt you; she will honor you if you embrace her. She will place on your head a graceful garland; she will bestow on you a beautiful crown.” Proverbs 4:8-9

As you seek to be good father’s, seek after Jesus who will provide you with the tools to give your children good and perfect gifts in the work of Jesus on the cross for both you and them!

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