Dangerous Prayers: 1st Impressions

As a pastor, I was very curious to see how Craig Groeschel would approach this topic of dangerous prayers. How would he break down a person’s prayer life? Because at first glance, I figured he is going to rail against the common every day prayers.

“Lord thank you for our food. Please bless it to our bodies.”

“Lord please keep us safe as we travel and please protect my family as they go about their days.”

However, he does something I found very insightful and helpful. He breaks down the common day ‘safe’ prayers with common day ‘dangerous’ prayers. I’m very happy he kept it to daily prayers that we could pray every day. I think the three prayers he sends us to (Search, Break and Send) are prayers anyone of us could pray through. I think it maybe a completely new shift for particular people.

The question is: Will people break from their rituals and their ‘safe’ common prayers to introducing ‘dangerous’ prayers? How will people pray before they eat? How will people pray before they go to bed? I think there is so much to explore for the average day person if they were to ask: How should this impact my daily spiritual walk with Jesus? I hope that as people read through this book (that you should listen/read and buy for yourself) they would begin to think of their daily prayer life differently. I hope they would adopt a daily prayer life with these three prayers!

As you read through Dangerous Prayers. It may not seem like a huge shift, but I can tell you it takes real courage, real transparency and real struggle to pray through these prayers! Enjoy and may you know the knowing, breaking and sending of the Lord!

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