Balancing Work and Rest

Four things on earth are small, yet they’re extremely wise. Proverbs 30:24

“Someone saw a lizard darting around the palace and thought that’s interesting, and paused to watch some more. Perhaps God included it in His Word to remind us to balance work with rest. We need hours to daydream about lizards, catch one with our kids, and simply relax with family and friends.” Mike Wittmer

This was a very interesting devotional from Mike Wittmer because he has a much different take on the verse than I do. But I like it because Mike is like me. “Who has time to watch a lizard!” Mike protests! “What fool can spend a half day watching a wild animal behave as a wild animal? Don’t we have more important things to do?”

I was tickled pink reading this because he’s right. If I was running around ragged, trying to get every single task off my list for the day and I saw someone watching ants, I might lose my mind right there and then. Yet, Wittmer suggests something that is completely in line with the rest of scripture. There is work. There is rest. We must do both.

I believe Mike is a little off using this verse, but I also do not believe in the larger scheme of things that he is wrong to identify this verse with rest. I believe this verse talks about a natural theology, seeing how the world is set up and learning about it. God has put imprints of Himself everywhere, even in the smallest of things. Yet we miss them because we’re too busy searching for the great mysteries. The wise man points us to look at all things the world has to offer and learn from it all.

But Wittmer is still right. We need time to rest. Even Jesus rested. He would spend countless hours before his heavenly father in prayer. He would be caught sleeping in storms. Jesus knew how to rest during his ministry because on the days he worked, he worked hard. One of the most important days of his life, he was up all night, being lied about, abandoned, betrayed and ultimately crucified. Let me tell you, that was a bad work day. The worst some might even dare to say.

Yet, He worked that day so we might enter into His rest, no longer having to prove myself to earn my salvation. It has been earned for me. We are now in the rest of Jesus when we kneel before him and are found ‘in Him’. We are free from the endless work of perfection because Jesus is perfect. We can rest and we can work for the Lord to see others enter into that rest.

Prayer of the Day: “Jesus, Your love frees me for productive work and meaningful rest.”

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