An Everlasting Love

Place me like a seal over your heart, Like a seal on your arm. Song of Songs 8:6

“I stood amazed at the hundreds of thousands of padlocks, many engraved with the initials of sweethearts, attached to every imaginable part of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris…inundated with these symbols of love…[the] locks points to the deep longing we have as human beings for assurance that love is secure.” Lisa Samra

We all are looking for a ‘sure thing’. Something to base our foundation off of. Some people desire to find this idea through the avenue of love. While some are fortunate to find their ‘forever after’, many others find heartbreak, loneliness and frustration at the end of a relationship.

Lisa hits on something profound in her devotion this morning when identifies this incredible need in our lives. We need love but not fickle love. We need a love that is everlasting and deep and profound for our lives. We cannot exist with love one day only to be met with abandonment the next. There is only one place we can find that love. “While human love can be fickle, and locks can be removed from a bridge, Christ’s Spirit living in us is a permanent seal demonstrating God’s never-ending, committed love for each of his children.”

You, my friend, are deeply loved. You are so loved that even when you were lost and lonely and running from God, your heavenly father ran after you, to share his light, hope and love for your life. He is the prodigal son’s father Christ shares who upon seeing his son, doesn’t look away, turn him away or berates him. Instead, he runs to him, embraces him, clothes him and throws a giant feast for him, proclaiming that his son who was once lost is found and the son who was dead is now alive.

You are found. You are alive in Christ. Know God desires your heart for himself. If we would humble ourselves and run to him, we’ll find, He has already starting running towards us to embrace us, fill us and meet every one of our needs in Him!

Prayer for the day: “Heavenly Father, thank You that even though the security of human love often remains elusive, Your love for me is strong, steadfast, and eternal.”

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