9 reasons people aren’t singing in worship (9/9)

In these 9 blogs, we look at some of the reasons why congregations are not participating in corporate worship today. Worship through song has been and is very important to the Christian walk. Songs with proper theology inform our view on God and teach us about His character and His love for us! We are then reminded throughout the week how glorious and how beautiful our God and the gospel are as we sing! Therefore, it is critical that we do everything in our power to help congregational participation in worship to Develop People to Love Jesus and Serve Others in accordance with our mission statement!

To see the 9 reasons in the original article: https://ncbaptist.org/9-reasons-people-arent-singing-in-worship/

Reason 9: Worship Leaders are not connecting with the congregation

We often get caught up in our world of amazing music production and lose sight of our purpose of helping the congregation to voice their worship. Let them know that you expect them to sing. Quote the Bible to promote their expressions of worship. Stay alert to how well the congregation is tracking with you, and alter course as needed. 

Pastor Will’s Comments:

Last but not the least? Certainly not! I think this is a really interesting note that the article ends on. In our context, leading a small church (numbering under 100 at this point), our leaders know all those they minister to. What a blessing that is. To know the fears, the tears and the hopes of our congregation. It’s something they can keep in mind as they look at the faces on a Sunday morning.

Now, mind you, that also complicates things. When you know a particular family is struggling while another is thriving. How do you call both to worship? Yet this is the job that is in front of us as leaders of our congregation. Sometimes we’ll do it well and sometimes we’ll miss what is staring us right in the face. You will also miss this point at times. Continue to follow God’s leading as you process all the information thrown at you in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic (This is being written in March 2020)

I appreciate when worship leaders have a word for the congregation. We are all saints and Peter calls all believers to be apart of the royal priesthood, ministering to the body (which is the church)! God can speak through anyone to encourage, build up, lift up and bear the burdens of one another. So be bold! I love when our church leaders quote the bible. I love when they encourage their congregations to sing, despite the situation they find themselves in to put God once again in the center of their lives. 

That last line can be a hard one because life’s circumstances can be overwhelming. How do we call someone to put aside their current circumstances? I think we do so by asking them to cast their anxieties, their worries and their situations upon Jesus. We are asking people to let go for a moment to allow God to be the king of their situation good and bad and forget everything around them and focus their eyes once again on the throne of the Heavenly King! This is worship! This is what we do every time we gather for corporate worship! This is our time to track with our congregations and equip them to love Jesus and worship him! It’s a great honor we have and we do our best to do so because Christ calls us to. Thank you Jesus Amen!

This is the last blog on the article “9 Reasons Congregations Don’t Sing”

Thank you for journeying along with us in this!

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