9 reasons people aren’t singing in worship (6/9)

In these 9 blogs, we look at some of the reasons why congregations are not participating in corporate worship today. Worship through song has been and is very important to the Christian walk. Songs with proper theology inform our view on God and teach us about His character and His love for us! We are then reminded throughout the week how glorious and how beautiful our God and the gospel are as we sing! Therefore, it is critical that we do everything in our power to help congregational participation in worship to Develop People to Love Jesus and Serve Others in accordance with our mission statement!

To see the 9 reasons in the original article: https://ncbaptist.org/9-reasons-people-arent-singing-in-worship/

Reason 6: The congregation feels they are not expected to sing. 

As worship leaders, we often get so involved in our professional production of worship that we fail to be authentic, invite the congregation into the journey of worship and facilitate that experience. Facilitation includes singing both familiar songs and new songs introduced properly, all sung in the proper congregational range. 

Pastor Will’s Comments

I think this is an interesting reason. I feel it is saying that we are suppose to be leaders in the sense that we facilitate the experience. We invite others into the song and invite them to participate. Your words then describing the song or helping the congregation know how to approach the song could be instrumental (no pun intended). 

I know, as a pastor, sometimes I can get into ‘preaching mode’ or ‘teaching mode’ and it becomes more of how I best present myself and not taking a moment to stop to include the congregation to think about their own lives and reflect how this topic engages them. I have to take a step back from being a professional presenter as a preacher and turn the conversation over to the congregation so they can add their voice into the mix. 

Facilitating is a skill all unto itself. It is something we learn with the particular people who are in the room that day. That includes the day! Some days are going to harder days. (I’m writing this in March 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and these are hard days). We speak to people in the hard times and in the easy times! But it is our job to seek God’s leading in that time, in that room for those people for that moment. Facilitators learn the rules and great facilitators break the rules on the verge of the breakthrough to get the best results. Invite people in, watch what is happening in their lives, and when appropriate, break away from the normal and make a change in the lives in front of you.

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