9 reasons people aren’t singing in worship (4/9)

In these 9 blogs, we look at some of the reasons why congregations are not participating in corporate worship today. Worship through song has been and is very important to the Christian walk. Songs with proper theology inform our view on God and teach us about His character and His love for us! We are then reminded throughout the week how glorious and how beautiful our God and the gospel are as we sing! Therefore, it is critical that we do everything in our power to help congregational participation in worship to Develop People to Love Jesus and Serve Others in accordance with our mission statement!

To see the 9 reasons in the original article: https://ncbaptist.org/9-reasons-people-arent-singing-in-worship/

Reason 4: The congregation can’t hear people around them singing   

If our music is too loud for people to hear each other singing, it is too loud. Conversely, if the music is too quiet, generally, the congregation will fail to sing out with power. Find the right balance – Strong, but not overbearing. 

Pastor Will’s Comments:

I find this article has been helpful even as I review my preaching style. Sometimes, I feel I don’t do enough to promote an internal conversation. I don’t leave space for people to ask themselves the question, “Where in my life, am I not believing the gospel?” People need to hear the gospel but they need to be hearing it from themselves and others, not just the preacher. 

To all worship leaders, you are leaders when you lead worship in our Sunday gatherings. We are looking to you to lead. We are looking for your voice and your confidence as you lead us through the words in worship. We are all following you. I don’t know if I can stress this enough because I am not a worship leader. I will never be a worship leader (if you’ve ever heard me, you’ll agree). I am looking for you to choose songs that I can sing along with, that I will know, that I can worship my God through. I’m not musical and I need a long time to learn a song or lesson (that’s my mother’s way of saying I’m stubborn). I need to hear songs multiple times before I feel comfortable with it. I need to be able to hear your voice over the instruments so I can follow your lead. 

Leaders lead and they lead others. We need to hear your voice so we can sing with you but not so much that the only thing we can hear is you. We are a church, the body of Christ, brothers and sisters of the King! We are going to be worshiping Jesus forever, hearing one another’s voices of praise forever. Worship leaders give us a foretaste of what that is going to look like! Find that balance as best as you can!

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