9 reasons people aren’t singing in worship (2/9)

In these 9 blogs, we look at some of the reasons why congregations are not participating in corporate worship today. Worship through song has been and is very important to the Christian walk. Songs with proper theology inform our view on God and teach us about His character and His love for us! We are then reminded throughout the week how glorious and how beautiful our God and the gospel are as we sing! Therefore, it is critical that we do everything in our power to help congregational participation in worship to Develop People to Love Jesus and Serve Others in accordance with our mission statement!

To see the 9 reasons in the original article: https://ncbaptist.org/9-reasons-people-arent-singing-in-worship/

Reason 2: Worship leaders are singing songs not suitable for congregational singing.

There are lots of great, new worship songs today, but in the vast pool of new songs, many are not suitable for congregational singing by virtue of their rhythms (too difficult for the average singer) or too wide of a range (consider the average singer – not the vocal superstar of stage). 

Pastor Will’s Comments:

Worship through song is a fantastic way to help people remember theology (talk about the personhood of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit). And this is extremely important because the enemy throws tons of false ideas out about God (since Genesis 3 he has been doing this)! So, leading our congregation through songs that they can remember and sing in their day to day lives are going to help them know the God they serve. I find the Doxology is one that helps me in my day to day life “Praise God from whom all blessings flow….” It reminds me all the time of a God who is a Father and who wants to bless me and it’s our job to invite those around me to praise him (second verse). Its memorable, its impactful and for me, a terrible singer, is easy to sing along to. 

Some songs should not be played as they’re much too difficult to play or sing along to. However, we can break this rule on one condition: We prove excellence in playing and leading through it. Now, its really hard when someone comes up to me and says I did a bad job preaching that week, which some weeks, my message can be all over the place. Leading worship can be just as sensitive… telling someone that one of their songs on a Sunday morning needs more practice because it wasn’t good enough should cause us pause to say it in the most loving way possible. But if it’s too difficult to lead through, more practice should be sought before leading through it again.

In everything we do, we should seek excellence! One saying I’ve gotten use to is ‘If there is a midst in the pulpit, then the congregation will be in a fog’. If there is confusion in the worship, there will be no participation by the congregation. Worship leaders are equipping people to worship throughout their weeks! We help people by knowing worship songs they can sing along too and show them the beauty of the song by leading well! 

Parkland Community Church:
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William Con

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